Moto G4 Amazon Prime Edition bootloader is just locked



You can get the Amazon Prime version of the Moto G4 for $50 less than what you’d normally pay for it. The catch was that you’d be getting a ton of Amazon suggestions for things you might buy and all the Amazon apps you can take.

So, you think you can just unlock the bootloader and pull a root canal for a new ROM, huh? Not so fast.

Motorola’s support page lists that particular version of the Moto G4 as not being unlockable. Yep, that’s some protection for Amazon right there. The regular version should be unlockable by Motorola, though the disclaimer specifically goes after the Prime edition G4.

This also continues to leave software updates up in the air — will the Prime Edition lag behind the regular Moto G4? That’s $50 for a question like that.

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