Microsoft’s Cortana apps officially available



Microsoft is rolling out Cortana, its personal digital assistant, on iOS and Android devices started December 9.

Microsoft has been testing publicly its Cortana app for Android in the U.S. since August, and privately testing the Cortana app for iOS in the U.S. and China since November.

Microsoft officials tipped their hand back in 2014 that Cortana was coming to iOS and Android. In May 2015, officials confirmed Cortana was coming to iOS and Android in app form.

Microsoft officials have said that the Cortana apps for iOS and Android won’t be as feature-rich as Cortana on Windows and Windows Phone, as it won’t be as tightly integrated with the operating system. For example, on iOS, the “Hey Cortana” wake-up feature won’t be available, at least not initially.

Microsoft also is integrating Cortana into Xbox One, and is expected to make Cortana available as an integrated component of the coming Cyanogen Android distribution.

The Cortana app for iOS is available as a free download from the Apple app store (thanks for the link @NotCassim). The Cortana app for Android also is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.


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