Microsoft debuts wearable holograms as HoloLens is handed a $3,000 price tag


The future is here – Microsoft just unveiled wearable holograms, answering all of our childhood fantasies in one fell swoop.

Building around the company’s eagerly awaited HoloLens mixed reality headset, the company has showcased how gamers will soon be able to wear holographic weapons in a digital world, using them to fight off augmented foes.


The wearable holograms – teased in the Project X-ray game – are built around a small controller and are visible only to HoloLens wearers or those watching the virtual battles on a screen.

“Holograms behave just like real objects, they can interact with the environment and each other,” Microsoft said in showcasing the feature. “HoloLens is the only device that merges holograms into the real world.”

Now, sadly, wearable holograms aren’t going to be heading into your home anytime soon, but it is getting closer.

Starting today, Microsoft has confirmed it will let developers register their interest in the upcoming headset.


What’s more, we know when the first users will be getting their hands on HoloLens. A Development Edition will land in the first quarter of 2016 for a hefty $3,000 (£1,974) – ouch.

Here’s hoping that price comes down considerably before HoloLens makes it to a consumer release.


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