LastPass will let you sync all your passwords across all your devices for free



Probably the best freemium password management service in the world just got better, or rather cheaper to use at its full potential across a multitude of devices. No more LastPass synchronization restrictions for $0 per month accounts, although the Premium tier is still a thing, mostly if you want to support the popular mobile and desktop security app.

You’re also getting some neat stuff like family sharing with up to five members, priority tech support, PC fingerprint identification, 1GB of encrypted file storage, and no ads at $1 a month, but it’s now perfectly acceptable to keep all your online passcodes under lock and key on an unlimited number of Android, iOS and Windows products sans paying a dime.

Previously, LastPass Free “subscribers” could merely access their precious web login data on one device of choice, be it mobile or desktop, but apparently, the “mission to help you simplify your online life, and make it a whole lot easier to achieve strong password security” has finally superseded the quest for profits.

“Too many of us are still struggling to build a strong security foundation, at work and at home”, says the Founder, VP and GM of the password management resource in a detailed blog post reminding us of the over 1 billion passwords “publicly leaked due to poor password practices” so far in 2016. Hopefully, this will drive the number way down in years to come.

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