Ehang 184 Autonomous Drone – The World First Human Carrying Drone



Designers from chinese drone maker Ehang released at CES 2016 the extraordinary autonomous drone designed to carry a single passenger, for short to medium distances.


The world’s first human-carrying drone has been named Ehang 184 your not going to need a pilot’s license to fly it, as the 12-inch touchscreen display simplifies destination selection with an automated flight system.


The autonomous drone manages tasks such as air traffic communication, obstacle avoidance, and navigation, all by its own, while the on-board computer will consistently select the quickest and safest path towards your destination, at least in theory.


According to Ehang, even if one propeller malfunctions, the ‘184’ will still land safely. The fail safe system will overview any components that malfunction or disconnect and land the drone immediately.


The prototype model revealed at CES 2016 shows off a carbon fiber epoxy composite body alongside an aluminum alloy frame, with four arms and eight electric propellers.


142 hp of effective lifting power and a 14.4 kWh battery make sure the ‘184’ will remain airborne for up to 23 minutes, reaching a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a top altitude of 3,499 meters. The question is: will you feel safe aboard? We’d love to try it out!





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