CBS All Access and Showtime streaming services have about 1 million subscribers each



CBS’s bold experiment in over-the-top TV streaming is paying off. The company says its All Access and Showtime subscription services have 2 million total subscribers, with user bases evenly split between the two. “That’s well ahead of where we’d thought we’d be this early in the game,” CBS CEO Les Moonves said today on the company’s quarterly earnings call, according to The Wrap.

All Access was the first internet TV service to launch from one of the major big-name networks. It costs $5.99 a month and it’s remained limited to US customers since its debut in October 2014. It was followed close behind by HBO’s standalone Now service, though no other competing non-cable network has followed suit.

With the addition of Showtime OTT (over-the-top) in July 2015, the network has a viable and relatively inexpensive set of options for interested viewers to stream CBS programming live and on-demand. Despite some hiccups, like a big outage during this year’s Grammys, All Access seems poised for a big year when it will receive episodes of the new Star Trek TV series starting in January 2017.

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