Apple just dropped another iOS 10 public beta for you crazy testers


This didn’t take long. Just a day after releasing the third iOS 10 developer beta
, the second public beta of iOS 10 is now available to download
. And of course, you won’t have to pay $99 a year for a developer account. But things are still rough at this stage so I wouldn’t recommend installing it on your main phone just yet.

What’s new in iOS 10 exactly? The upcoming operating system features a massive Siri update with third-party integrations. While it’s going to be hard to see the end result during the beta as third-party developers haven’t released iOS 10 apps yet, it could have a big impact on the way you use your iPhone.

Apple has also unveiled a completely redesigned lock screen with rich notifications that can display tiny live widgets and a huge Photos app update with face recognition, deep learning categorization and intelligent photo albums. Apple Maps, Apple Music, HomeKit and the Phone app are also receiving updates. Finally, the company is overhauling the Messages app with many, many new features — an emojify feature, message effects, Slack-like feedback on messages, rich link previews and third-party extensions.

And yet, Apple plans to release iOS 10 this fall, which usually means September. So we’re still a couple of months away from the final release. If you can’t wait and want to see what it looks like, I wrote a preview
so you don’t have to ruin your phone.

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