Android users can FINALLY video message on Google Hangouts



If you’ve been enviously staring out your friends as they video message on Google Hangouts for iOS, the wait is finally over.

That’s right, Google has updated its Hangouts app for Android with the ability to record and send videos to other users. The messages are limited to one minute, and you can either record the video directly from the app, or send a previously recorded video.

The update is somewhat against the usual grain, with the company normally testing new features on Android before releasing to iOS users. The feature has been available to iPhone users since February 2014, though, meaning those who use Hangouts on Android have endured a wait of over two years for video messaging.


Perhaps the tech giant simply forgot about not including the feature, or maybe they’ve been busier .

Google is set to launch two messaging apps this summer, the assistant-powered Allo and the video-centred Duo.

A small victory in this: Phandroid points out that the iOS version of Hangouts can only upload 360p videos, while Hangouts on Android lets users upload full HD, 1080p videos.


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