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Tinder Reactions bring animated flirtations to your shallow conversations

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Tinder announced today its version of MSN winks: Reactions.

Now, there’s a new way to flirt on the most used matchmaking app. Instead of a traditional text reply, you’ll be able to send your Tinder crush an animated message that takes up the whole screen — so you can really get your message across.

The newest feature includes laughs, hearts and even a round of applause for that time they made a really good dad joke — although it’s not always fun and games. In addition, women will have an exclusive set of reactions at their disposal, amongst them an animation of a martini being thrown, an eye roll, and a “Really?!” Button — all completely necessary when a guy does not know what he’s doing.

The feature was introduced by actress and comedian Whitney Cummings, who is also part of Tinder’s “Menprovement video series” alongside the real women of Tinder.

The company also aims to improve Tinder experience and practices by rolling out messaging standards. This comes after a series of features introduced over the past months, including swipe to unmatch and newly designed community guidelines which help to build a safer community.

To be honest, these reactions look a little bit like those MSN winks we used back in 2003.

So go on, step up your Tinder game today with a really good reaction.


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