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the best sony vaio notebook and home theatre system?

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Sony Notebooks

the best sony vaio notebook and home theatre system?

Do you guys knows which of the sony notebook series is the best?and if I want a home theatre system should I chose sony or something else?thanks!

Sony Notebooks best answer:

Answer by !amtheKing
The first part of your question about Vaio depends upon your requirements. You can go to the Sony web-site and “build” a lappy based upon the requirements that you input and that will help you narrow down the specifics of which to choose. I own 2 Vaio machines but each are different based on different needs.

The second part of your question depends more upon your budget. Sony is a bit more expensive because of reputation. Go to Circuit City and compare based upon specifications and what sounds best to you. Keep in mind while you’re there the size and shape differences of your room at home. Then, after choosing, go home and price shop on-line for the exact model chosen to get the best price. Then go back to Circuit city with a print-out of the best internet price and they will match it.

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