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Square Register introduces gift cards and invoices to iOS app

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Apple Pay may be making waves at major retailers, but Square Register continues to be the go-to source for small businesses looking to take payments from customers. With point-of-sale interfaces and a handy portable card reader, Square is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to take their clients’ money. Today the company released a new update for their app that introduces some new features that should make business owners very happy.

With the update, all iOS users gain the ability to send invoices directly from their mobile device, making it easier for freelancers to use the app for personal work billing.

The biggest addition to this update comes for iPad users, the main device used for working with Square in small business settings. With the updated Square app, iPad users can now sell and redeem gift cards. While you might think this means your customers will simply get a gift card number to redeem, Square is actually making physical gift cards for clients. You can order custom cards for your business now directly from your Square dashboard.

The update is available for free in the iTunes Store.

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