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Skiva – Protective Case and Extended Battery for iPhone 4 4S Reviews

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Skiva – Protective Case and Extended Battery for iPhone 4 4S

Skiva - Protective Case and Extended Battery for iPhone 4 4S Editor’s Rating:
List Price:$ 42.97
Sale Price:[wpramaprice asin=”B0096VY8QG”]

iphone 4 battery case

Product Description

Skiva PowerSkin A4 iPhone 4/4s is the lightest and thinnest battery case for iPhone 4/4S.

Compact, light and thin:
Best feature of this case is that you don’t need to add a large amount of bulk to add good
battery capacity. It keeps you iPhone slim yet provide protection and power.

Apple Certified:
This product is designed with highest quality materials. It has Apple’s MFI certification.
It charges iPhone 4/4S at optimal current of 1 Amp.

Even bei


  • Lightweight protective case that only adds just 1.88 oz to your iPhone 4/4s.
  • Thinnest Battery case available in market. It adds just 5.7mm thickness and yet highly protective case that will keep your phone secure from falls.
  • Apple’s “Made for iPhone” certified for iPhone 4 and 4S.
  • High quality surface coating for anti-slip grip. Also makes surface scratch proof.
  • Designed buttons over iPhone’s buttons to make them easy to press unlike most other cases which only have cutouts.

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Morphie Juice Pack Air 2
iphone 4 battery case
Image by Steel Wool…

can i buy this rechargeable iPhone 4 battery case cover?

i was shopping for fashion on . I stumbled on a rechargeable iPhone 4 battery case cover. my friend already bought it and recommends me to get one. it is $ 19.50 and i don’t want to feel like i wasted my cash. the case can be charged fro home and be used as a replacement when the iPhone battery charge is down. all you need to do is fit in the phone to the case and you are set. any suggestions if i should get it please?

iphone 4 battery case best answer:

Answer by Justine
Well this is so fortunate. I stay in Texas. I bought the same case cover. However their shipping takes 7-14 which is a bit slow for me though they offer free shipping and they are cheap. The case works in perfect condition. Now i can use it as a back up

Elite iPhone 4 Battery Case
iphone 4 battery case
Image by Gadgetmac
For the review and much more,

Avance iPhone Case
iphone 4 battery case
Image by GMWDesign
This case company doesn’t have distribution yet, but when they get it you’ll see a solid competitor to Mophie’s Juicepack.

The Juicepack has a huge battery backing on it. While this Avance case doesn’t offer as much battery power the slim design would sway me to purchase this instead.

Exolife 1500mAh iPhone 4 battery case

The unboxing portion was recorded with an iPhone 4, just to see how it went. The rest of the video was done with our normal camera.* This video was recorded…
iphone 4 battery case Video Rating: 5 / 5