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Q&A: Dell monitor problem?

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Dell Monitors

Dell monitor problem?

I have an old Dell monitor and whenever I turn it off for a few minutes then turn it back on, its flashes my desktop for half a second then goes black, but the green light is still on. And when it flashes the screen, it’s very dark. I have to keep turning it off and turning it back on over and over and it gets very annoying. I don’t know what type of Dell monitor I have, but all I know is that it’s 1280×1024 pixels, it says “Highest (32 bit)” under colors, but I can change it to 16 bit. It’s highest screen refresh rate is 75hz. And my gpu is Nvidia gtx 650 if that matters. Thank you.

dell monitors best answer:

Answer by Gol
I think that you may need to contact the system manufacturer


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