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Nokia: Where it all went wrong, by the man who made it the world's biggest

Nokia sale
The first and possibly most difficult divestment for Nokia was selling off its paper mills in 1989 — paper was one of the industries that Nokia had relied on since its start life in the early 20th century. The sale took a year and "as it was a 'sacred …

Nokia Lumia sales hit record 8.8 million in Q3, North America doubles

Nokia sale
Nokia has once again managed to improve its Lumia sales figures worldwide. The latest Q3 earnings show another improvement, up to 8.8 million in the latest quarter. That's an increase on the record high of 7.4 million in the last quarter, and up over …

Nokia sees life in remaining business after Microsoft phones sale

Nokia sale
The third-quarter results also showed growth in Lumia smartphone sales, although analysts said Microsoft will still face a tough time in pushing its way into the competitive consumer devices market with the Nokia deal, which is due to close some time …

Nokia hangs up its mobile phone business with €5.4bn Microsoft sale — BUSINESS DAILY

Once the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia has sold its mobile division to Microsoft for €5.44bn. The deal will see almost half of the company…
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Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced the ‘Contract for the Web,’ which he hopes will begin the process of regulating the rules and responsibilities of the [...]