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Latest Nokia Q4 Earnings News

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Microsoft Earnings Preview: Focus on Hardware And Cloud Sales

Nokia Q4 Earnings
Furthermore, it recently announced launch of upgrades to its existing line of Nokia's Lumia phones. In this earnings announcement, we will closely monitor Microsoft's unit sales and revenue numbers for its devices and consumer hardware segment.

Ericsson's Q3 sales beat expectations, but N. America is now a point of

Nokia Q4 Earnings
"I think that is the main uncertainty for Q4," Ericsson CFO Jan Frykhammar said on the company's earnings conference call, according to Reuters. Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg tried to reassure investors that underlying … Rival Nokia (NYSE:NOK) just …

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Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced the ‘Contract for the Web,’ which he hopes will begin the process of regulating the rules and responsibilities of the [...]