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Goodbye Paypal? Apple may be building a mobile payments service

mobile customer service
According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal today, Apple is taking opening steps towards building a mobile payments service that would potentially take on competing services like PayPal, Google Wallet and Square. Likely integrated with …

Jordan Improves Customer Service
mobile customer service
Image by joe-manna
Jordan Mauzy improving processes in Infusionsoft Support. … Better customer service.

Boost Mobile Fail
mobile customer service
Image by mas90guru
See anything wrong with this email?

After purchasing a prepaid Boost Mobile phone and signing up for recurring monthly billing — which the representative promised provided a credit which has yet to appear — the Boost Mobile customer service appears dumbfounded.

I submitted a request on their web site – yet received a reply stating they needed more information — when I in fact supplied the information to begin with.

Total customer service fail in my opinion.

JJ Rosen: New customer service apps offer fast, easy help

mobile customer service
The next phase in the evolution of customer support is starting to take hold. Mobile technology combined with “big data” and business intelligence advancements are serving as catalysts to push customer service and technical support to the next level.

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Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

Can Tim Berners-Lee really save the internet?

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced the ‘Contract for the Web,’ which he hopes will begin the process of regulating the rules and responsibilities of the [...]