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How Do You Feel About Gadgets In The Bedroom?

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Middle School Boy Using an iPad While Doing Homework

On one hand we are told that it is best for a good night’s sleep, on the other that it will improve our lifestyle. But how do we really feel about gadgets in the bedroom?

The 2016 Houzz Australia Bedroom Trends survey of more than 5,000 Australian homeowners who are in the midst of, are planning, or recently completed a bedroom renovation or decoration project showed almost a fifth wanted a bedroom that is “free of media and electronics.”

Among those planning to add more gadgets to their sleeping quarters, TVs are the top upgrade (59 per cent), followed by alarms/clock radios (43 per cent), docking stations (31 per cent) and speakers/stereos (29 per cent).

Looking around my bedroom, I see a TV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, stereo and speakers, smart lighting, charging docks, a fan, a heater — and I must admit my sleep is pretty terrible. My son has a PC, TV, consoles and iPad and I’m thinking maybe it’s not the best idea.

What do you guys think? Should gadgets be banned from the bedroom? Or should we live in gadget filled bliss in all rooms of the home?


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