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Google’s new Trusted Contacts app lets you share your location in emergencies

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With Trusted Contacts, Google is launching a new personal safety app for Android today that allows others to ping you for your location when they think you may have been in an accident or in danger.

The idea here is that you define who these trusted contacts are and by doing so, you allow them to see where you are when they ping you. The twist here is that you can always decline to share your location, but if you don’t decline the request within five minutes, the app will automatically share your location. If you’re offline, it’ll share your last known location before your connection dropped.

If you find yourself in danger, you can also actively share your location with either select contacts or all of your trusted contacts as well.

No matter whether you actively decide to share your location or end up sharing it passively, you can always turn the sharing feature off again whenever you want to (otherwise, it’ll remain on for the next 24 hours).



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