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Get Your Tech Ready Before Traveling Solo to Avoid Homesickness

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When traveling abroad alone, you typically want to stay connected for safety reasons. There’s another reason to make sure you can reach friends and family, though: solo travel gets lonely.

It’s a lot of fun traveling the world by yourself, but after a while, you get homesick, and that can put a damper on your trip. An easy way to remedy this? Make sure you’re connected before you leave. suggests:

When traveling by yourself, having a reliable connection to work and home takes on a greater importance. So use tethering, buy a portable hotspot, buy a local phone chip or “burner” phone, and scope out internet cafes where you’ll be staying.

We’ve told you how to stay connected abroad before, and this is an obvious tip if you want to stay connected to work or update your family on your whereabouts. However, staying connected can help fight homesickness, too, making your trip enjoyable.


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