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Comcast seems to have the fastest internet available – are there any drawbacks?

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Comcast blows (and perjures themselves)
Image by pmsyyz
Comcast is forging TCP reset packets from Flickr, preventing me from uploading my photos ANYWHERE.

Comcast seems to have the fastest internet available – are there any drawbacks?

Comcast seems to be the company with the most selection and the most advanced services including the fastest internet speeds available. Aside from the fact that people say they have bad customer service, are there really any drawbacks here versus going with the competition (at&t, etc.)?


comcast best answer:

Answer by Sheep
Comcast tends to be more expensive.


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Image by sekimura

Down got a bit faster than used to be. it was around 15Mbps before

Broken Comcast Cable
Image by swirlspice
After I noticed the internet wasn’t working and the blinky lights on the modem looked wrong, verified it wasn’t the wireless router, and spent 22 minutes on the phone with customer service, we verified that there was no signal coming into the house. At this point I noticed a Comcast truck in the lot of our townhouse complex. I moseyed (mosied?) on over and found out that this here inch-thick-cable had been chopped off.

There was some construction work going on today, repaving the path that links our group of townhomes to the next one over. Looks like the result of a careless construction worker.

I was reassured that Comcast was on sight at the time. Missy said the internet had been working all afternoon, so it had to have just happened. All in all it took them about four hours to get it fixed.


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