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ASUS BP6320-0G2030094B Desktop Reviews

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ASUS BP6320-0G2030094B Desktop

ASUS BP6320-0G2030094B Desktop Editor’s Rating:
List Price:$ 499.00
Sale Price:[wpramaprice asin=”B00DXFDJ02″]

Asus Desktop PC

Product Description

Reliable, secure, and efficient small form factor desktops for Business Enterprise, ASUS commercial desktop is your best choice for your office need. With industry leading reliability and service, ASUS commercial desktop come with 3 years onsite warranty (Next Business Day) which give you peace of mind when purchase ASUS desktop. Asus Commercial Desktop is pre-installed with Window 7 Pro and bundle with Window 8 Pro CD for upgrade when you need it. ASUS Desktop is feature rich with Built-in COM


  • Intel pentium G2030 Processor 3 GHz
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 500 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • Intel HD
  • Windows 7 Professional

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Asus eee pc – Control Center
Asus Desktop PC
Image by stylianosm
Asus eee pc, screenshot of xandros linux OS (debian based) in greek language (advanced full desktop mode – control center)

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Eee Box PC desktop setup day #1
Asus Desktop PC
Image by planetc1
Day 1 of testing Eee box pc. USB headset functioning. I’ve been using the ASUS Eee desktop setup for some time now and it is great.

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Since the time this photograph was taken, I have changed out the hard drive and installed a solid-state drive. I’ve also taken out the stock memory sticks and added the max amount of RAM. Finally, I switched over the operating system to Windows 7 from Windows XP.

The Eee Box runs Windows 7 very well with the changes I’ve made. I don’t use it for heavy data crunching work (like editing images or videos), but for document reading, surfing online, and general office use, it’s been a terrific PC.

What do I need for my PC to play games without lag?

Almost all of my games lag like crazy and I have to play them in extremely low graphics settings and some still lag. Theses are my specs:
Model: ASUS Desktop PC CM1730/CM1830 Series
Rating 4.5 WEI
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor 2.80 GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB (3.75 usable)
System Type: 64-bit Operating System

Honestly to me everything looks fine but I have been told to upgrade but I’m not sure what.

Asus Desktop PC best answer:

Answer by Gianni
In all fairness, your rig is alright. A dual core 2.8ghz is okay, nothing special, and 4GB of RAM is average. However, judging by the fact you only have 3.75GB of usable RAM, you have an integrated GPU. An integrated GPU sucks RAM off of your system RAM and doesn’t do as good a job as an actual discrete graphics card. Go for Nvidia if you can spend the dough, but if your budget is restricted, go for AMD.

Asus Desktop PC
Image by violinha
O desktop do meu Eee PC.

The desktop of my brand new Eee PC.

Desktop PC

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