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Alpatronix MFi Apple Certified BX100 1900mAh iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case (Ultra Slim Removable Extended Battery, Fits all models of Apple iPhone 4/4S – Retail Packaging) – Aluminum Silver/Black

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Alpatronix MFi Apple Certified BX100 1900mAh iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case (Ultra Slim Removable Extended Battery, Fits all models of Apple iPhone 4/4S – Retail Packaging) – Aluminum Silver/Black

Alpatronix MFi Apple Certified BX100 1900mAh iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case (Ultra Slim Removable Extended Battery, Fits all models of Apple iPhone 4/4S - Retail Packaging) - Aluminum Silver/Black Editor’s Rating:
List Price:$ 59.99
Sale Price:[wpramaprice asin=”B00CNV5R0C”]

iphone 4 battery case

Product Description

This product is also available in other colors. Search Amazon for “Alpatronix” to view a full list of our high quality products.Alpatronix iPhone 4/4S Battery Case, protects your iPone while extends the life of your battery. The case is slim and does not interfere with any of the phone’s features. The USB charger included with the unit can charge the phone and the case at the same time and can be used along with your iPhone wall plug.


  • Overview: The Alpatronix BX100 iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case is a smart way of getting more power for your iPhone 4/4S on the go. Made of high quality material both where you can see and underneath its surface, the BX100 is a high quality product designed with the needs of the avid iPhone user in mind. This product is MFI certified by Apple for iPhone 4/4S. It has been designed to be compatible with all functions of iPhones 4 and 4S
  • Power: The BX100 can provide up to 70 _ 80% additional power to your iPhone when fully charged. The case can be activated by holding the power button down for 3 seconds. Pressing the button for less than 3 seconds will turn on the LED indicators so that you may check the battery charge level of your battery case. There are 4 LED indicators, each indicating an additional 25% power left in the case. When all 4 LEDs are turn on, the battery case is fully charged.
  • Charging: The battery case is designed to allow for charging of the phone and the case without taking the case off. When connected to the charger, the battery case will allow the iPhone to fully charge, and then charge the built-in battery. Please note that due to additional batteries being charged, the overall charging process will take longer than charging just the iPhone alone. A 30-inch long MicroUSB has been provided in this product’s packaging.
  • Protection: The BX100 is made of high quality material that has gone through extensive testing. It will protect all external surfaces of your iPhone, except for the screen. In our attempt to make this case as slim as possible, we have designed the case to be flush with the screen. However, for your screen protection, a good quality screen protector is included in the packaging of this device.
  • Alpatronix Customer Support: All Alpatronix products come with a 1-year warranty. Alpatronix also has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and wants every customers experience with us to be a positive one regardless of their purchase decisions.

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iphone 4 battery case
Image by sparky_vision
[edit, November 2013] Holy crap, this is an old picture, and it’s easily my most-viewed picture per day. I have no idea. A lot of this stuff has moved to my yellow Pelican case that I use for gigs. I’m still using the same backpack, though. So, uh, hi, everybody!

The contents of the backpack, minus the magic box that allows me to pull anything I need for any given situation out of thin air.

From (roughly) top to bottom, left to right.

1. Wegner Gear backpack. The heart and soul of the whole operation.
2) Various pens.
3) Various Sharpies. The little ones I got myself, the big ones were a gift from mom² and my little sister Eva.
4) Lighting folder which contains a set of French curves, lighting tech sheets, set lists, and patch sheets.
5) Current Rose Brand and Dazian Fabrics catalogs.
6) Sewing kit.
7) Gel swatchbooks, Apollo and Rosco.
8) Laptop / iPod power.
9) The Pocket Ref. Everything you need to know in life, and then some.
10) Moleskine notebook for set / lighting design ideas.
11) Bag for misc cables / adapters.
12) Bag for DMX / audio adapters.
13) Sekonic L-558 Cine light meter.
14) Various notebooks for audio, lighting, general, and sketching.
15) Artwork box with markers, Liquid Paper, pencil sharpener, sketching pencils, and kneaded erasers.
16) USB floppy disk drive.
17) Calculator.
18) Basic first aid kit.
19) Surefire G2 flashlight.
20) Bandit Technical Reference Disk.
21) China marker.
22) Replacement Surefire lamp.
23) Laptop screen cloth.
24) Small Fuji camera.
25) iPod
26) Mechanic’s gloves. (My SetWears are in another bag.)
27) Box of Lithium 123 batteries for flashlights.
28) Tube of Superglue.
29) Passport.
30) Crappy ear buds.
31) Various USB thumbdrives, WYSIWYG dongle, and Calibug.
32) Sunscreen.
33) Tin of mints.
34) Fluke distance meter / laser rangefinder.
35) iPhone 3GS.
36) Surefire E2L LED flashlight. (worn on left hip.)
37) Gerber knife.
38) Leatherman Wave (worn on left hip.)
39) Set of earplugs.
40) Logitech travel USB mouse.
41) 15-inch MacBook Pro.

What are ALL of the problems with the iPhone 4?

I know the iPhone 4 is I really really great phone, maybe the best. I’m actually planning on getting one for Verizon. I just want to know all of the problems.

The only one I know is that for AT&T, it needs a certain case or cover for it to have service all the time I don’t know much about that though.

iphone 4 battery case best answer:

Answer by wy
Iphone 4 is a good phone if you like lots of media on your phone. One of my buddies has an Iphone 4 and it works great he loves it and hasn’t had any issues. I have a droid and it is awful compared to the Iphone. I would get an Iphone and as for the no service with a certain case issue if that problem exists it is minimal all my friends with Iphones do not have that issue.

Technology on Fieldtrips
iphone 4 battery case
Image by geographyalltheway.com
Image with notes for a blog post about technologies on fieldtrips.


iPhone 5S battery problem: non-removable battery forces Apple to replace

iphone 4 battery case
Though The company has also introduced a slightly lower ranged handset in the form of iPhone 5C along with its top of the line handset, but iPhone 5C is reportedly not facing any battery or any other issue. Thankfully so far the complaints are … The …

My desk – 26/12/2008
iphone 4 battery case
Image by PenLlawen
You can see a similar pic of my living room AV setup here.

Sorry for the yellow tint to the pic — it taken indoors at night with my iPhone.

Incipio offGRID Battery Case for iPhone 4

You can pick up your offGRID from the link below for plus, no tax! http://trdd.us/cE Download TSIG app here – http://trdd.us/tsigmo iTunes Podcast – http…
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